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Investing Wisely: Backyard Renovations & Upgrades

It's important to remember that home upgrades — much like everything else in life — are a balancing act. While some typically add value, others might have you see very little return on investment (ROI). Another fact to remember is that style is subjective. What you see as an improvement, someone else may view as an inconvenience or maintenance hassle.

Making the space your own can be an enjoyable adventure worth undertaking. However, before jumping in on the DIY home improvement game, be sure to research the best strategies to boost your home’s value. For more examples of costly backyard mistakes, please see the accompanying resource. Graphic created by Pool Troopers.


Pumpkin Patches to Visit in the Omaha Area in the Fall

Pumpkin Patches to Visit in the Omaha Area in the FallThe fall season is just around the corner, and when many people think of fall they think of checking out a local farm and picking out the perfect pumpkins to take home and decorate the front steps of the porch and later turn into a fun lantern for Halloween night. 

If you are new to the area and curious as to where you can find a pumpkin patch near Omaha look no further than our list of Omaha Pumpkin Patches.

Farms Growing Pumpkins in the Omaha Area

For convenience, we have listed these pumpkin patches in order of their distance from the city of Omaha with the exception of the first listing.


Items New Homeowners Often Forget to Include in Their Housing Budget

Items New Homeowners Often Forget to Include in Their Housing BudgetAfter purchasing a new home there is more to your housing costs than just paying for your monthly mortgage bill. There are things to budget for that come with owning a home from buying new furnishings to maintaining the property. 

Many first-time homeowners think that they can take a breath of relief after they get closing the purchase of the property out of the way but there are several additional costs of home ownership that can add up and should be budgeted for before agreeing to that monthly mortgage payment to ensure that you can afford homeownership.

Here are some additional costs to include in your home buying budget...

What is Real Estate Steering?

What is Real Estate Steering? Have you ever asked a real estate agent a question and not received a direct and simple response? Have you ever wondered what would have caused them to answer the question without really answering it?

Asking a question like "what are the best schools in the city?" or "is this neighborhood actually safe?" might seem like simple and harmless questions, but in terms of asking a real estate agent, there are some items considered as steering.

What is steering in the real estate world?

Real estate steering is used to describe when a real estate agent is considered to be influencing a client's decisions based upon characteristics that have been outlined in the fair housing act. This can include items such as race, religion, disability, familial...

Fun Labor Day Weekend Activities in the Omaha Area for 2022

Fun Labor Day Weekend Activities in the Omaha Area for 2022Labor Day weekend is just around the corner and if you live in the Omaha area and are looking for some fun ways to spend your long weekend before getting back to the hustle and bustle of everyday life there are many great activities to enjoy.

Here's a list of fun Labor Day Weekend events in 2022 happening in the Omaha area

La Festa Italiana

This is an annual Italian festival in Omaha and is very popular and many people in the area look forward to it. Enjoy authentic Italian food and awesome live entertainment as well as opportunities to purchase local goods. The festival is at II Palazzo...